• Research and Rigour

    Frutas Beltrán is committed to the development of our field at every level and our commitment goes beyond just the most rigorous cultivation and harvesting. We also conduct research into the improvement of different varieties in order to obtain a greater yield, better taste or higher quality from the fruits.

    One result of this commitment towards research has been the Belalate variety, exclusive to Frutas Beltrán developed from a mutation of Owari, resulting in a late-maturing satsuma. The result of this commitment to research is the acquisition of our Belalate variety. This is Frutas Beltrán’s very own variety, developed from the modification of the Owari Satsuma. The result of this modification is a Satsuma which matures later. Thanks to our process of constant improvement, this variety allows us to produce an excellent quality Satsuma during a period in which, historically, satsumas were not in season. Moreover, the Belalate is a Satsuma which astonishes our customers – it is easy to peel, sweet, juicy and seedless!

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