The Environment

  • The Environment

    Frutas Beltrán was born from contact with nature and these natural origins have shaped our behaviour towards the environment, which we care for and respect.

    Our commitment to the planet is more than a simple declaration of intention. We have launched a series of different initiatives to reduce the human footprint on the environment in a number of areas:

    We prevent the dumping of toxic products into the sewage systems thanks to the installation of an ecological, ozone-based water purifier.

    We reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible. As such, we have set up a mechanism which recovers hot air produced and reuses it in our dryers. Additionally, we have a system which heats up drinking water using convection.

    The Frutas Beltrán facilities have skylights installed which provide us with 900 lux without the need for artificial lighting.

    At Frutas Beltrán, respect for nature and the development of our business go hand in hand. Every step of the way we demonstrate that the company’s progress is never at odds with caring for the planet, in fact, quite the opposite.